Who loves Jesus, coffee, the color red, and you? Emily! She and her husband have a fourth grader, a preschooler, and a beautiful baby girl.  They are all bipartisan nerds from Star Trek to Star Wars, DC to Marvel, Dr Who to Tolkien.  Her home runs on imagination, hugs, good food, and the Lord.  Her hobbies include crochet, gardening, roasting coffee, and cooking.  Barista isn’t a just a job for her, it’s Emily’s vocation.  She feels blessed and excited every day she walks in to RE:defined.  Emily gets to spend her day serving wonderful coffee and spending her time with wonderful people.  She is abundantly happy in this life.


Tanner was born and raised in Denton, Texas where he currently lives now. He is currently a senior at Kings University in Southlake, Texas where he is studying cross-cultural ministry. Tanner’s many passions include, besides coffee, climbing and the outdoors. He loves working at Redefined because of the massive influence placed on family and community. Working here is more than a job, but an invitation in something deeper.

I am originally from Colorado (and I do miss the mountains a lot haha!)

My favorite part about Re:defined is the opportunity that just making a simple cup of coffee gives me to meet so many amazing people and have conversations with them. I love talking to guests, both new and regular. My favorite drink is by far the lavender latte; basically anything with lavender in it, I LOVE.

Outside of Re:defined, I enjoy anything outdoors (hiking, swimming, biking, running etc.), visiting new coffee shops, reading (Lord of the Rings are my favorite), learning about history (nerdy, I know) and traveling. Travel is the biggest passion I have. I’ve been to several countries, yet hope to visit more and live in another country someday (possibly in Northern Europe?)

Leah, a native Californian, is rather shy but is intrigued by photography, culture and music. She currently goes to FMHS and is super into film photography and music, playing her violin whenever she isn’t drowning in homework (literally.) When she graduates, she’ll travel the world in hopes of creating a wonderful life for herself.

Dawson is the swaggest highschooler at FMHS. His passions are cosmetology and coffee. He loves the people and the community within Redefined. His favorite drink is a Long Black, both hot and iced.